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kinda lame

I'm new here and everything, but it seems like no one ever posts in here. So lets see If I can get things started up in here. I wanna know about all about you, why you love ICP,Twiztid,esham,just everything about psychopathic records, Zug Izland even counts. Dark Lotus, all of it. How many times you've seen them, where you saw them at. I wanna know how amazing it was, or matter you didn't like it all that much.
just tell me about it.. post pictures, do whatever you want.

So I've been down for a couple years now. I've seen ICP once in concert, I had the chance to see them again but I didn't have a ride I was real bummed out, but at least i've seen them, so I'm happy about that. My favorite jokers card is riddle box, and my favorite twiztid album is Freekshow.
When I saw ICP they were with KMK, and Tech N9ne,and Bone Thugs and Harmony. It was so awesome, i painted my face up and everything. I didn't really want to have my face painted, but I did it anyways just for the sake of doing it. Its one of my favorite concerts that I have been too, nothing will ever be able to replace how much fun I had that night. I smoked some awesome bud, and hungout with a bunch of cool people. I got some faygo, and I was real thrilled. I was talking about it months afterwards too.

tell me about your expierences and everything, Im real curious.
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